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About Us

At Florallia, our mission is to make the unimagined, imaginable. 


We provide floral creations focusing on weddings, events, and special holidays. Our impeccable attention to detail and passion for work is transpired in the unique floral arrangements we produce. We take our clients' vision and bring them to life, each reflecting their individual personalities and capturing unforgettable memories. Our top priority is to make every special occasion accurately reflect the values and integrity we hold toward our work and passion in floral décor.


With our experience in event design and production, we also provide additional insight outside of the floral realm. Starting from details such as colors, textures, themes and lighting, we help create events ranging from the current trends to the timeless classics. Our relationship with our clients starts from the very beginning of the planning process to the execution of their special day, ultimately forming lifelong friendships.


Before creating Florallia, Alla worked as a full-time Mathematics Professor. After 13-years of teaching, she realized math was not her only passion. As much as she loves her students, she equally fell in love with creating floral arrangements. Alla's endearing and fun personality, combined with her innovative mind, make her a joy to work with for clients and vendors alike. 


What started off as a lifelong passion, has now blossomed into a beautiful operation filled with love and creativity. 



Why "Florallia"?


In ancient Roman religion, Floralia was a festival held every spring in honor of Flora, the goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility. The festival, which included lavish games, theatrical performances and competitive circus spectacles, lasted a total of six days. At Florallia, we believe florals should be celebrated every day of the year. Incorporating this belief, Alla came up with Florallia - one part floralia, one part Alla.

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